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Sunny and Herbaceous

Rosemary & Lemon Natural Hand Soap in a Glass Bottle

Aromatherapy for Every Day

Our Rosemary & Lemon Hand Soap brings a warm inviting aroma to your routine, adding a brief respite to your hectic day.  Our unique blend of organic oils creates a rich lathering soap that gently cleans your hands while you wash.  Our Rosemary & Lemon seasonal hand soap has a wonderfully sunny and herbaceous scent that is perfect for summer. 

Handcrafted using a blend of organic olive, organic coconut, and organic jojoba oils, our hand soap not only cleanses your hands but also moisturizes while you wash.  Offered in a frosted glass bottle, it is reusable, refillable, eliminates plastic waste and will look great in any kitchen or bathroom for many years. 

A complementary item that can help you care for your hands is our Hand & Cuticle Salve.  It is a wonderful deep penetrating moisturizer for hard-working hands.

Rosemary & Lemon is one of our seasonal summer scents so availability will be limited only to the summer months while supplies last. 


Net Weight - 8 oz

Ingredients: water, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, sodium borate, potassium hydroxide, organic jojoba oil, organic essential oil

 Sodium hydroxide & potassium hydroxide are also known as lye.  They are used to create soap but do not remain in the final product.  You can read more about soapmaking and labeling on our blog

Cruelty free

Natural & Organic


USA Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews

I have never paid this much for hand soap but I have to tell you it is luxurious and smells delicious. I kept it in my upstairs bathroom just for me….so selfish!

John Marquez
Nice feeling

Julia and Wayne sent me another bottle because of a petty issue and they took it personal with such a down home feeling, it was so nice I felt bad lol.

Chai Scent truly unique and special!

The Chai scent is one of the most unique and soothing I've ever tried, fresh with a hint of spice. All my guests ask about it. It is a seasonal scent, but when I specifically requested it, Julia and Wayne found a couple extra bottles in the back room. I will watch for this scent to come back in stock in the Fall and stock up for the year! And the glass bottles are so beautiful. Whispering Willow has become one of my go-to shops for hostess gifts and when I want to treat myself!

Caroline Wright
Finally, MINE

And now we come to my own personal favorite fragrance.....lemongrass!! These bottles of soap make me look forward to washing my hands. My first bottle was a hostess gift, and I pass that favor on from time to time, but mostly, these are MINE!!

Caroline Wright
Best Ever!!

This product is a gift I am proud to give. I love the glass bottles and overall appearance as well as the quality of the soap.