Bar Soap

Cleansing should be a deliberate and mindful process. We handcraft our all natural bar soap using organic oils, botanicals, and essential oils to provide that intentional yet luxurious experience.  Our bars are certified cruelty-free, palm-free, and scented with essential oils. 

18 items
Honey Oatmeal Natural Bar Soap
Lavender Bar Soap
Lemongrass Bar Soap
Rose Bar Soap
Eucalyptus & Mint Bar Soap
Goat Milk Lavender Bar Soap
Cedar Soap Dish
Tea Tree Bar Soap
Into the Woods Bar Soap
Chai Bar Soap
Peppermint Bar Soap
Ceramic Soap Dish
Lemon Solid Dish Soap in a Ramekin
Lemon Solid Dish Soap Refill
Lavender Solid Dish Soap Refill
Wooden Soap Dish