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Aromatherapy can be such a powerful tool.  Whether it is the calming scent of lavender, the uplifting aroma of lemongrass, the refreshing scent of eucalyptus & mint or the soothing bouquet of rose, these scents can transform and transport us to a place of balance and ease.

Eucalyptus and Mint

Eucalyptus and Mint provides a crisp, clean scent with a blend of mint and camphor with hints of the forest and honey sweetness.  Our Eucalyptus & Mint bath & body products will help clear and focus the mind, leaving you ready to engage whatever awaits you.


Lavender is a mild floral scent with a slight herbaceous undertone.  Our Lavender bath & body products provide an impulse to slow down, to breathe deeply, and to let the tension release from your busy life.


Lemongrass is a fresh clean scent with a hint of earthiness.  Prone to waking the senses and clearing the mind, our Lemongrass bath & body products are sure to invigorate you for the day ahead.


Rose provides a warm, floral and slightly herbaceous scent.  Our Rose bath and body products are uplifting, energizing, and inspiring, filling you with the positive energy needed for the day ahead.

Rosemary & Lemon

Love an herbaceous, sunny scent?  Rosemary Lemon is perfect. It is wonderfully uplifting and a beautiful addition to your summer routine. 

Other Scents

Variety is the spice of life.  Beyond our core scents, we handcraft a few natural apothecary products that offer a different self-care experience.