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How to Clean a Glass Soap Dispenser - Hand Soap

Soap gets us clean, right?  If you're like us (and we hope you are!) we rely on our Whispering Willow hand soap dispensers day in and day out to provide us with our favorite soap. When they get low, we top them up. And we don't think about cleaning them often.  But, like everything in life, they need some attention, too.

First and foremost, it's important to be periodically wiping down the exterior of your hand soap pumps. Rinse off any excess soap with warm water and then take some all purpose cleaner or diluted white vinegar with a rag and wipe down the top of the pump well to remove any bacteria that accumulates from dirty hands using it. This applies equally to kitchens and bathrooms. 

Moving on...the next time you notice your dispensers getting low, instead of automatically refilling them, let them get as low as possible.  Then open them up and rinse them really well inside and out with warm water.  When you've washed out most of the residual soap, add in some vinegar to get them extra clean.  This includes running some of that vinegar through the pump top itself.  Finally, rinse thoroughly with warm water and leave them to dry.  The process shouldn't take long.

Once dry, refill with soap and you're all set!