Vegan Apothecary

Did you know that a large portion of Whispering Willow's product line is vegan? We've collected all the options for you right here!  Our apothecary products are all certified cruelty-free, are palm-free, are made with organic oils and are scented with essential oils.
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Tea Tree Bar Soap
Lavender Body Oil
Lavender Bar Soap
Lemongrass Bar Soap
Lavender Rest & Renew Gift Box
Eucalyptus & Mint Body Oil
Cedar Soap Dish
Chai Bar Soap
Into the Woods Bar Soap
Eucalyptus & Mint Bar Soap
Peppermint Bar Soap
Rose Bar Soap
Rose Body Oil
Lavender Natural Body Wash
Lemongrass Body Oil
Lemongrass Natural Body Wash