Clean & Green

We really like making great natural products without messing up the environment around us.  After all, we have to share this environment with everyone that is important to us.  You know, our families, friends and our dogs (in no particular order).  So it sounds good so far, right?  Well let’s get down to the nitty gritty!


We made the decision when we first started this company to focus on as many natural options as possible.  With that in mind, we use organic oils in our all products and exclusively use essential oils – there are no synthetic fragrance oils.  Additionally, we only purchase sustainably harvested palm oil for our products.   We discontinued a very popular line of lotion because it was only 99.5% natural.  .5% may seem like a small number but it was a huge deal for us.  We have basically decided that if we can’t make it using natural ingredients, we won’t make it.  Simple.  We like simple.


We use recycled or recyclable packaging for all of our products. We also make every effort to ensure our packaging has the highest possible content of post consumer recycled materials.  Another cool thing we do is reuse all of the packing supplies we receive from our suppliers.  So all of the peanuts, bubble wrap and paper we use to pack orders is being reused.  If we can’t use it all we take it to a local UPS store and they are happy to take it off our hands.

Giving Back

We believe that companies are members of society and should actively work to improve that society. We donate 10% of profits to charity.  Here are the charities so far:

2010 - Nature Conservancy’s Appalachian Adopt-an-Acre program

2011 - United Family Services in Charlotte (now Safe Alliance) which provides services to people in crisis.  We also did some special promotions for breast cancer awareness as well as disaster relief after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

2012 - Humane Society in Charlotte  {As long time dog lovers, we were ecstatic when our customers chose this charity for the year!}

2013 - charity: water who aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to everyone.  

2014 - present - National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Julia was diagnosed with MS late in 2013.  She reached out to the society immediately after hearing the news and connected with an MS navigator who provided education and resources that were a huge help to us early in the process.  Aside from education, they also advocate and fund MS research.  A selfish choice?  Sure.  But it seemed like the right one.