Into the Woods Bar Soap


Cleansing Is An Opportunity, Not A Task

Our Into the Woods Bar Soap invites you to ground yourself and bring intention to the process of cleansing.  As you wash, the rich lather will infuse the air with the aroma of cedar, pine, and fir needle leaving you refreshed, steady, and secure.  You will leave the shower feeling clean and renewed with the calm and balance you need to meet the challenges of your day.  

Each bar is handcrafted with a unique blend of organic palm-free oils, butters, botanicals, and essential oils which creates a luxurious lather that moisturizes while it gently cleanses the skin.  

Net Weight - 4.0 oz

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, water, organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide, organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic cedar essential oil, fir needle essential oil, pine essential oil, organic lemon verbena powder

For the longest lasting bar, keep dry between uses.  Our wooden soap dish is a perfect way to extend the life of your bar.

 Sodium hydroxide & potassium hydroxide are also known as lye.  They are used to create soap but do not remain in the final product.  You can read more about soapmaking and labeling on our blog

Cruelty free

Natural & Organic

USA Made

Customer Reviews

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Patricia S.
Love Into The Bar Soap

I was introduced to your soap as part of a gift spa basket that was given to my husband, needless to say he did not get a chance to claim it forhi.self. I find that the fragrance is mild and clean, and it rinses so easily. The bar is gentle enough for the face. I have never been happier with a bath soap product.


Best soap ever - incredible smell and organic! Love!

Smells amazing!

Oh my goodness this soap is like sunshine in the shower! Like a beautiful walk in the forest! A scent that is appropriate for both men and women. It’s uplifting and light! It’s crazy but I look forward to my showers with it! 😁

carol h.
Again? Amazing!

My husband really loves this one! He was skeptical until he showered and raved about it!

Karen T.
Woods Bar Soap

I'm sorry to say I haven't tried it yet. Usually when I buy soap bars, I don't use them right away and they go with my collection. It will probably be sometime thru the winter when I use it.