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What's Bringing Us Joy

What's Bringing Us Joy

We're sharing the little things that are making us happy each month.  We hope you enjoy reading this list as much as we enjoy compiling it!

  1. I (Julia) read 50-60 books per year.  Romance is not my preferred genre, so I skipped Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus when it first came out based on my impression of the cover. Then I started reading about it endlessly, so I tried it.  And LOVED it. I audibly gasped at parts. Giggled at others. And fell in love with a dog (that last part, admittedly, doesn't take much). 10,000 stars. 
  2. Julia inherited an old Apple Watch from her Dad when he upgraded.  We don't usually say no to hand-me-downs, but the band made it challenging to wear. Thankfully, the internet came to the rescue in the form of Braxley Bands. They are super comfortable, they plant one tree for every band sold, and they come in all kinds of fun patterns. 
  3.  Almost 12 years ago (!!) we fell in love with a little shell named Marcel. There ended up being 3 parts doled out over a number of years. Imagine our surprise and excitement to find out Marcel is now a movie!  
  4. As we return from a week at the beach, we must mention the sound of the ocean. There is something so wonderous about the waves that soothes our soul every single time.  
  5. Finally, vacationing along the Carolina coast in the fall means we are in the monarch’s migratory path. Nothing better than sitting on the beach, listening to the waves, and watching butterflies flutter by.