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What's Bringing Us Joy

What's Bringing Us Joy

We're sharing the little things that are making us happy this month.  It's been a bit since we shared, but we hope you enjoy reading this list as much as we enjoy compiling it!

  • In the past four months, we have made TWO trips to DC.  The first was to visit the Kusama exhibit at the Hirshorn.  We almost didn't share this as it was supposed to be over BUT they have extended it through July.  If you have a chance, go.  The infinity rooms are magical.  One look at the glee on our faces should say it all. 
Kusama Exhibit


  • Our second visit to DC was to visit & help Julia's sister a bit as they were expecting their second Little.  As a surprise, Julia's sister got two tickets to the U.S. Botanic Garden Production Facility's tour.  They don't hold these often but we were able to wander aimlessly through the greenhouses marveling at all the trees and plants and ask questions of all the staff and volunteers.  So. much. fun! 
US Botanic Garden Tour


  • Wayne is obsessed with a fry pan (never thought we'd say that 🤣).  But, this small pan from Caraway makes amazing omelets and is super easy to clean afterward. He can even flip them (well, most of the time...).  


  • I (Julia) have been letting my hair grow longer. And, to my surprise, it has come in wavy / curly.  While fun, after 15+ years of super short hair, learning to care for longer hair again has been a challenge.  And more so for someone with lots of sensitivities to ingredients and scents.  Two things are working really well right now: Viori Unscented Shampoo and Viori Unscented Conditioner.  Both products are solid bars (less waste = huge plus!), are made with rice water, are cruelty-free, and the company donates 5% of profits back to the tribe from whom they source the rice.


  • Last but certainly not least: Wayne and I realized (belatedly) that we have been together for 20+ years (!!).  Life partners for over two decades, business partners for thirteen years, and we still love spending time together.  Now that feels like something to be exceedingly joyful about. 🙌

We hope lots of things are bringing you joy this month too! 

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