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What We're Reading: Good News

As we continue to seek balance in our lives, we have made an effort to consume news with more intention.  This includes spending less time in the bubble of the 24-hour news cycle and being thoughtful with our connections on social media.  Both of these outlets (regardless of political affiliation) are designed to take advantage of a principle called the Availability Heuristic.  They encourage negative and shallow understanding of any given topic and tend to distort our understanding of the world around us.

Another step we've taken is to seek out good news, which is regrettably less popular with advertisers.  We've come across two outlets that provide us a steady diet of kindness, generosity, and positive trends that provide a counterbalance to the traditional fare on offer in our modern newsrooms.  

The first outlet is the Good News Network.  GNN has been gathering and disseminating good news from around the globe since 1997 as "an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media".  Whether it is a story about an anonymous benefactor, or a post office offering permanent addresses to the homeless, or an end to 7 years of drought that has led to a super bloom of wildflowers and butterflies readers of GNN find that there is no shortage of good news.

Our second source of good news is GoodNewspaper (aka  Suggested to us by our uber creative and all around awesome friend Joanna Dee.  The Good Newspaper is a quarterly paper that is packed full of positivity and inspiration and comes on traditional newsprint paper for an authentic throwback feel.  For those who prefer their news via an e-source, they also have a Good Newsletter that will put five positive news stories in your inbox every Tuesday.

While we think everyone needs to stay up to date on current events, we don't believe traditional news outlets and social media provide an accurate picture of the world we live in.  With a bit of effort, you can find balance in your news consumption and discover how so many people are making our world a better place to live.  

Happy Reading!