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Vegan Products

While handcrafting products, we rely heavily on organic oils and butters.  We love working with them and, on the whole, they make excellent moisturizers. 

Periodically, we do also choose non-plant based ingredients.  For example, we pour a Goat Milk and Lavender Bar Soap.  We source our goat milk locally from very happy goats living pretty amazing lives on a small farm. We also use organic beeswax in our Salves, Body Butter, and Lip Balm and also use organic honey in our Lip balm.

We understand and respect that many folks choose to use products that are entirely plant based.  With that in mind, we have tagged our plant-based products appropriately and created a collection of Vegan Products.  

Within that collection, you'll find all of our Liquid Soaps, our Body Oil, our Bath Salts, our Linen Spray, our Neck Wraps and Eye Pillows, and most of our Bar Soaps.  

We answer many questions about ingredients on our FAQ page, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Be well,

Julia & Wayne