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New Product: Paloma Gray Neck & Eye Pillows

We are quite taken with the many calming hues of gray.  Having recently utilized a gray palette to repaint our home and change out window dressings, we instantly found our environment warmer and more inviting.

With this in mind, we are pleased to add Paloma Gray fabric to our line of Neck & Eye Pillows.  The fabric pattern is similar to our blue swirl fabric but with a soft gray as the background.  Below is a picture of the new fabric.  Please keep in mind that digital monitors may display colors differently.

Lavender Neck Wrap in Paloma Gray Fabric by Whispering Willow

If you aren't familiar with our neck pillows simply know that you deserve one.  The demands of our busy lives can make slowing down and letting go quite challenging.  Our lavender neck pillow helps make the most of those special moments when you are able to create a little time and space for yourself.

Take a deep breath, relax, and exhale the worries of the day as the calming scent of lavender envelopes you.  Release the tension and tightness in your muscles as the warmth settles into your neck and shoulders. Let the soft cotton flannel introduce a gentleness to your skin as the weight of the flax and lavender filled neck wrap helps to ground you in this moment.  

Savor this time as you allow yourself to be rested and renewed.  

Be Well,

Wayne & Julia