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Easy Travel Tips

After over a year of being cooped up, we know many people have big plans this summer to head out into the big, wide world and do some traveling. Whether that is camping in your local state park to sunbathing on the shores of Hawaii, we thought we'd share some quick travel tips that we find helpful. 

Whispering Willow Bar Soap

There is literally nothing more travel-friendly than a bar of soap.  We carry several with us anytime we head on a trip.  Like most soap makers, we tend to be soap snobs and always prefer to have ours with us.

Travel Tip: Before we go on a short getaway, we'll take a single bar and use a kitchen knife and cutting board to cut it into three pieces.  One can be used in the bathroom, one in the kitchen area, and one in the shower.  And, in a pinch, you can always wash your hair with it - we just wouldn't recommend it for color treated hair. 

Whispering Willow Hand & Cuticle Salve

Our Hand & Cuticle Salve can be a trusting friend when traveling.  It stands up to heat beautifully, is solid (no TSA problems here) and can be so wonderfully moisturizing and soothing.  It isn't reserved for just hands & cuticles.  Heels dry from all the extra walking? Put it on just before bed.  

Travel Tip: It can also be a great aromatherapy boost when travel stress demands a calm moment.  It's easy to justify room for this tiny tin in your bag. 


We hope these quick tips are helpful. Safe travels! 

And please do share your adventures with us!  We would love nothing more than to travel vicariously through you.