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Crafted: A Southern Speakeasy

Many of you know that we live in very small town in North Carolina.   We have cows in our backyard (if that helps provide some context).  And no, they are not ours. We often don't mention the name of our town in passing since it is super tiny and instead refer to living "just outside of Charlotte."

But, small towns grow up.  And ours is doing it in style.  We have recently welcomed Crafted: A Southern Speakeasy to our little Lincolnton.  We stopped by super early one afternoon to check it out before the crowds descended.  

Crafted - A Southern Speakeasy

In true Speakeasy style, Crafted in located in a little alley between two buildings.  You can find it via their chalkboard with directions and nondescript door. Once inside, the place definitely does not disappoint. It is members only, but you can join at the door. 

Crafted - Inside

You can tell how much care the owner, Erika, put into every single detail of the space.  It is stunning. And charming. And warm.    

Crafted - The Bar

And we can tell you from experience that the food and drink are not to be missed.  Wayne imbibed in The Bees Knees – Mother Earth Gin, honey syrup, lemon juice, and lavender bitters. Yum!  The cocktail menu is impressive and for nondrinkers like Julia who still like to indulge, the root beer float is highly recommended. 

Crafted - Wayne Imbibing

Crafted also serves a variety of tapas style goodies and desserts.  We highly recommend the Spinach & Artichoke Canapes. We plan to return soon to sample more of their goodies. 

Oh, did we mention they have fantastic taste in soap? 😉 

If you happen to be passing through our little Lincolnton, we highly suggest making Crafted a stop on your way.