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Wayne worked Freshly in May while I was off on other adventures, but I showed up just in time to take a few pictures with my new (as in very lovingly used before making its way to me) camera.  It's a Nikon D70 and was a birthday gift from my parents and Wayne.  So far, I adore it.  I doesn't hurt that Shelli's store always looks amazing and there are photo-worthy shots at every turn. We are so very sad to report that in the past few weeks Shelli has made the decision to close the shop and their very last day was June 16th.  If you love the aesthetic though, Freshly will still be participating in local festivals/markets and they will be building custom pieces!  Keep up with them on facebook for details.  For more pictures, check out our previous Freshly post. Freshy's Outdoor Market Whispering Willow Liquid Soap Patina South's Flying Pig Freshly's Hidden Bird's Nest Freshly's Dress Form Freshly: Drawer Freshly: Hanging Plant