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Well, we have big news: Belle Terre is changing its name. Why, you ask?  The short version of several months of discussion and research is that there is another bath & beauty company out there who owns a trademark for the name Belle Terre.  This trademark was set up long before our little soap company came into our lives.  This is not a change we came to easily, but we feel it is the right decision and one that will protect us in the long term. Over the next few months we will be slowly transitioning from Belle Terre to our new name.  We are now Whispering Willow.  The look, feel, and quality of our product remains the same.  We will retain our tree (which we certainly couldn't live without!) and are planning a seamless transition. To stay up to date, please follow us on our new facebook and twitter pages below.  A new web site and blog is forthcoming. Whispering Willow on Facebook: Whispering Willow on Twitter: As always, we appreciate your support and are planning exciting things in 2012 as Whispering Willow.