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We've been attending a ton of festivals and markets lately.  While we love going, it requires a bit of planning and a lot of stuff - often tables, table cloths, display pieces and (of course) all our product.   I am fascinated each time by the sheer quantity of stuff we can fit into the Prius.  Check out Wayne's action shots below. The Prius - it begins. The Prius - Begin Step 2 - Adding tables (we typically take three to each show) Prius Step Two - Adding Tables Step 3 - Add soap.  We searched for stackable boxes that fit well in the car and keep the soap dry in the event of rain (a lesson learned rather painfully) Prius Step 3 - Add Product Step 4 - Add More Stuff.  We carry our taller items like laundry detergent in large plastic tubs.  (Hmmm...something doesn't seem to belong...?) Prius Step 4 - Add More Stuff Step 5 - Add bags, boxes, and liquid soap Prius Step 4 - Bags and Boxes Step 6 - Add display pieces and carts.  After our first or second festival it became clear that I would not be carrying product in and out of venues unless I wanted to develop a bad back rather quickly.  After some trial and error, I was lucky enough to find the perfect cart at Sams.  It's red, has huge Tonka-inspired wheels, and holds quite a bit.  It even folds up somewhat flat to fit in the car. Prius Step 6 - Display Pieces & Carts Step 7 - Add the leftovers and try to shut the door.  We add all the small things at the end including our galvanized trays for display, and whatever items we need for the trip. Step 7 - Add the leftovers and try to shut the door All that, and we still get 47 mpg.  This, my friends, is why we love our Prius.  :)