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You guys came up with fantastic answers to our recent Things We Love giveaway.  We enjoyed reading them so much!  Two of those answers stuck out for us - Naomi and Lisa.  Their responses are below.   Naomi & Lisa, please send your address and choice of soap and lip balm to belleterrenc {at} gmail {dot} com. Stay turned for our next giveaway later this month.... Thanks for participating! ~ Julia & Wayne
Naomi Mac Millan
I love the way my legs tingle after I’ve gone hiking. I love having my apartment filled with the people I love. I love putting food in people’s bellies. I love when my boyfriend sings ” If you want my body” to cheer me up. I love missing the characters of a really good book. I love planting in the garden with my students.
that is a wonderful question, that I would love to answer. I love {in no particular order}… *pancakes on the weekend *coffee with cream *running on the california coastal trail *a live bluegrass show *sharing a bottle of wine with my boyfriend *socks and chocolate in the mail from mom *eating veggie tacos at our local taqueria {Tres Amigos} with lots of avocado and a bottle of coke. *gnocchi from scratch *receiving a letter or postcard in the mail from a far away friend. *the early morning *visiting new places {and returning to those places I will always call home} *splashing in mud puddles *new and old music on my record player *learning something new xo