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We participated in our last farmers market of the season on Saturday.  As usual, Wayne headed there for the 7am opening and I wandered in around 9am with breakfast in hand.  Before I arrived it was apparently bitterly cold, but by 9am the sun was shining and the day was fantastic for November.

It was cold enough that the puppy needed a sweater too.

Hey! This guy looks familiar!

Lots of lovely canned goods and can just see the 9 lb turnip in the corner.

Woodmill Winery was at the market.

And, of course, Shiloh from Tumbling Shoals Farms.

The flower ladies were there with lots of lovely goods.

This booth had a beautiful fall theme....just gorgeous stuff.

I had a fun picture of Brian, but he made me promise not to use it :)

Coto Family Farms stayed busy all day... did Julie with Miracle Point farms.

The market was much fun.  Lots of samples, chatter, and fantastic people.  Unfortunately we found that Joanne, the wonderful market manager, resigned.  We are sorry to see her go - she's been wonderfully patient with us throughout our learning experience. We are going to miss everyone, but we do hope to be back with a permanent spot in 2011.