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We got home late last night from the Historic Morganton Festival.  It was quite a learning experience for us - our first big festival we've attended.  Unfortunately, a large part of Saturday was lost to the rain.  All the same, we enjoyed the experience.  We met some great customers and were able to discuss our products and drive behind the business with quite a few people.  We also had the good luck of having great neighbors.  Since you're spending 10+ hours a day parked beside these people, it's nice to be able to chat a bit to pass the time. Here we are ready to go on Friday.  We couldn't fit too much more in the car.

Our booth set up was a bit different than we normally do because we were set up in the middle of the road rather than to one side or another, so there was no real back to our area. I found this vintage wire basket online and loved how Wayne set it up with the cedar soap dishes spilling out of it. A closer look: The boxes are our new gift sets that we're going to offer at the Christmas in the Valley show in Hickory (Oct 28th - 31st) as well as the Emporium which will open October 1st.  Keeping with our ideals, the boxes are 100% recycled boxboard and are made with hydroelectric energy.  The ribbon is 100% natural, handmade from abaca fiber which is a fast growing, renewable resource. As I mentioned, we chatted a bit with our neighbors.  Brandon and Summer ( live in Boone and make gorgeous pottery.  The pictures don't really do it justice - the lighting just wasn't quite right. And across the way was Crystal with the Sweet Tea Clothing company.  The shirts say "Carolina girls sweeter than the tea" or "Southern Boys Love their Toys."  Her shirts were adorable, and the packaging was so creative!  Her products are made just up the mountain in Asheville. I also bought some Habanero jelly from Judy @ From the Pantry in Leicester that was wonderful.  I got the mild version of course.  :) So, it was an enjoyable experience although rather long.  Sitting outside for that long can take it's toll.  Here's Wayne at the beginning of the day: And toward the end: Staying busy, working hard.  I'm telling you, he can sleep anywhere. Literally anywhere. :) Wayne will be at the Hickory Farmer's Market the next three Wednesdays (not sleeping I hope!).  Next week I'll be setting up products at Taste Full Beans in Hickory where I'll be participating in the Art Crawl on Sept 16th, and then we're on to the Emporium opening on October 1st.  Our booth is in progress and we're really excited to see how it will turn out.  Pictures coming soon!