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I wandered around the garden a bit today thinking about what we've accomplished so far and what is to come.   It's exciting to see things starting to bloom and peek through the soil, but a bit overwhelming to think of all the work ahead.  W has a detailed plan for the garden that he created using the software he wrote (, so each bed has a carefully designed plan for the season. Right now, the garlic is up and the beehive is buzzing.   You can see my second hive - the bright yellow top bar hive - on the left hand side.  It's bee-less right now but is expecting company soon.   The lamb's ear appears to be completely unaware of the cold winter we just had and is thriving.

W built a cold frame out of an old door from his parent's house and it is currently full of a lovely peppery lettuce mix that's ready to be harvested.

Around the yard, flowers are coming up as well.  Our hellebores always bloom just before anything else.  I fell in love with them at a garden show a few years ago and returned with quite a few.  We have two colors currently blooming at the front of the house.

Our daylily bed looks like its going to be spectacular - it's amazing how quickly they spread.   We started with some plants from a friend who was cleaning out a bed and now they've practically taken over a bed here. Walking around today, I noticed an ivy-like plant (I'm sure its a weed) climbing around the house with cute little purple flowers.

Last but not least, our bee balm is once again spreading like wildfire.  In the middle of this patch is a lovely plant whose name totally escapes me, but it always makes me smile when it first comes up because it appears to startlingly similar to asparagus.

Overall, it's been a beautiful weekend.  I didn't spend as much time outside as I wanted to (school work, laundry, and cooking took up a large portion of the weekend), but the time I did spend communing with the plants was wonderfully calming.