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From the perspective of North Carolinians, we are officially snowed in.  The areas around the house received between 3 and 8 inches making travel difficult.  On the way home from work (a fairly short commute) I saw at least three accidents and double as many cars stuck off the road. The garden had quite a bit of snow and the poor bees were literally snowed in.  I went out there shortly after taking these pictures and uncovered the entrance to the hive so they can (hopefully) have some ventilation. The guy who lives across the street decided to try to shovel out his walk and driveway and brought his new puppy out with him.  The puppy had a wonderful time in the snow, running frenetic circles from the porch to the driveway and back.  The girls sat totally fascinated. What did I do with my time?  Housework?  School work?  Use it productively?  Of course not.  I goofed off for hours (took my first shot at lip balm & a hand salve) and then, for my big project decided that homemade vegan cinnamon rolls were in my future.  They actually turned out quite well.  :)