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While I was away at school, W found a new friend who appears to be living in the bushes in front of our house. I tried to visit with her almost as soon as I got home. I've nicknamed her Ms. Priss because once she discovered the camera, she seemed to pose every chance she got. To give you an idea of a size, that's a rammekin she's drinking out of (and posing beside). I'm not quite sure what to do. We are dog people and cats are so different. She appears to be tail-less (?) and very young. When I try to get any closer than I am in these pictures, she hisses. W has been able to touch her a time or two and that's it. I watched her try to eat the kitten food W left for her today and she's having trouble eating it (too crunchy), so I added a bit of water and she immediately turned her nose. Not only prissy, but picky too! :)  ms_priss2 ms_priss3 ms_priss4 ms_priss5