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Other than gardening, W, my pups, and all things natural I also adore reading.   I am a voracious reader and both my husband as well as will attest to this.  Since I'm having trouble keeping up, I've decided to catalog the books I am reading and to mark those which are particular favorites of mine.  After beginning my quest to list my books, I discovered Goodreads.  It is a fantastic site that allows you to catalog, rate, and review books you've read, are reading, or plan to read.  I wish I'd found it years ago as I often read books and quickly pass them along.  If I didn't, you wouldn't be able to see our house for the books. You can check out my list here. Another wonderful site that I've recently started using is BookMooch.  Basically, you inventory books that you are willing to part with, and they are requested by others.  You approve the request and mail the book to that individual, earning points.  You can then turn around and use your points to "mooch" books from others.  I love the wishlist feature which allows you to add any books you'd like to read and as they become available, you receive an email asking if you'd like to mooch them.  It's fun and considering how much I read, could save me quite a bit of money. Favorite Authors: Douglas Adams Richard Bach David Sedaris Jonathan Safran Foer Michael Chabon Jen Lancaster Jonathan Tropper Nick Hornby