Lavender Bath Salt


A mini-retreat from your modern life

Our Lavender Natural Bath Salts are an invitation to create an oasis of peace and tranquility in your day.  While the unique blend of salts ease the tension and tightness from your muscles, the calming scent of lavender provides a mental and emotional state of balance and renewal.

We start with a base of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and Pacific Sea Salt and blend this with organic lavender flowers and organic lavender essential oil.  We offer this in a recyclable glass jar with a bamboo lid that seals tightly to maintain freshness.  The result is eco-friendly bath salt that will help you rediscover an inner harmony that you can carry with you as you journey ahead.

If you would like additional aromatherapy for your mini-retreat, we recommend our Natural Linen Spray.  Simply spritz lightly in the air before getting into your bath.


Instructions for use: Simply add a few tablespoons of our Natural Bath Salts to your tub as you run your bath.

Net Weight - 9oz

Lavender Bath Salt Ingredients: dead sea salt, atlantic sea salt, epsom salt, organic lavender flowers, organic lavender essential oil

Cruelty free

Self Care

Natural & Organic

USA Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Absolutely wonderful

These are high-quality bath salts that feel amazing in a hot soak. They also come well packaged and in a lovely glass container.

Wonderful Bath Salt For Hot Tub

We use the lavender bath salt in our hot tub after a long day at work or even on weekends. Smells so good and we soak in it while jets whirl around us!! So relaxing!

Great after a long hike

Found this on vacation. First day I used it
as a healing foot soak after a long day of hiking. For the rest of the vacation, it was a wonderful and relaxing bath soak. It has a lovely light fragrance that is not overwhelming
In the bath or after you dry off.

Have a good soak

This is a a great product to use after a stressful week. It goes beyond a simple Epsom salt bath.

Miss Pat
Whispering Willow…A Discovered Jewel

An internet search brought me to your site. I wanted bath salts for gift giving and purchased. When I received my order I was impressed with the handwritten thank you note, the packaging - from the delivery box to how carefully each jar of lavender bath salts were nestled in tissue & in their own box, ready to be gift wrapped for giving. Your Whispering Willow logo and labels on the jars and the soft sent of the bath salts bring a sense of calm, a real jewel in todays world.